Jim & Janette { A Wedding In December }

Happy New Year Dear Friends! =P

We hope for your continued support as we begin another year with Green & Purple Photography 😀

Yayyyyyy!!! Our first wedding shoot. A perfect way to end { 2010 }.

I didn’t think twice & immediately said {YES} when Marty & Arvee asked me if I was free to shoot a Wedding with them last 18 December @ Sibonga. I didn’t personally know the couple & I wasn’t there when they shot the engagement just a week earlier but I was dead excited 😀 {hehehe}

So there, after going to church early dawn of 18 December, I hurried to McDonalds Escario to wait for the guys. The wedding church is located few towns away from the City {SIBONGA}. They said the wedding will start @ 9AM and they wanted to leave @ 8AM. I asked {Hey, wouldn’t we want to take pictures while everyone else is preparing? How about the rings, shoes, bridesmaids, etc..} I was able to convince them so we left the City @ around 5:30AM-ish and arrived @ Sibonga 7:00AM. We just grabbed {Sausage with Egg} Sandwiches from McDonalds and ate along the way.

As soon as we arrived, photos of my favorite photographers flooded my mind but I was really nervous and didn’t know where to start. As Jasmin Star would say “Just Take The Plunge”. I did & I didn’t regret a thing 🙂

Who would miss taking a picture of the {RINGS}? ❤

And the {SHOES}…


This is the time I had to {mimic} Josephine Sicad-Minerva’s make up shots.

I’d say the {LIGHT} in that house was { ma g i c a l } that morning of 18 December…

Uhhhhm, have I told you the light was {M A G I C A L}?

That window was just amazing 🙂 I would have to say Thank You to Marty for directing the Bride that morning. Idol,,, Thank You!

They say that one of the most important days for a woman is her {Wedding Day}.  Believe me! I started believing that when I saw such statement was written all over Janette’s face that morning.

ooohhhh.. such a sweet moment!

Jeff / Green&Purple


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Jazhielle Alyannah { Little Angel }

It was but a real grace for me when Argielee asked me to be her daughter’s godparent. ohhh. How could I ever say no? When some people are worrying that they haven’t tried having a godchild. In return, I shamelessly asked Argielee if Jeff could take photos on that big day and, heavens must have heard me, She easily gave her yes. Yahoo!

The big day went on December 19, 2010 at Redemptorist Church, Cebu City.

Unlike other babies inside the Church, Baby Alyannah was very quiet while her Ma and Pa prepared her dress for the baptismal rite.

An evidence of Daddy’s little princess, would you agree?

You see. Baby Alyannah got her white skin complexion from her Ma.

While everyone’s waiting for the pre-Jordan seminar, the Ninongs and Ninangs took turn in posing with Baby Alyannah.

Now, see how Baby Alyannah cooperated during the Baptismal Rite.

Baby Alyannah has got a lot of visitors that day.

Baby Alyannah got her own baby-ish natural poses despite everything that has happened that time.

It was a very fulfilling experience for me and Jeff(most especially) to be a part of Baby Alyannah’s special day. With gratitude and happiness, we endlessly thank Argielee and Joylin for allowing us to be part of their little angel’s life.

And below is my favorite. Amazing how Jeff captured this while Baby Alyannah’s laughing her heart out. My goddaughter is such an adorably cute little angel.

We wish Baby Alyannah a Life full of —– L♥ve, Hope, Dreams, and Happiness.

To you and everyone out there, have a fantastic 2011 .

Sandy | Green&Purple

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in the spirit of L♥VE

“You will find as you look back upon your Life, that the moments when you have truly lived, are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of L♥VE”

|Henry Drummond|

True, indeed. 2010 was a blast for US and looking back at every single day of the year, made us more feel grateful of all the wonderful things heavens bestowed on each of us. I passed the CPA Board exam last May, Jeff moved back to the Philippines during our 1st Anniv, I got the job I love, Jeff was accepted in the same company where I work, I got lots of new pairs of jeans, Jeff got his Canon 7D camera and many many many more heavenly graces that we could not even repay with endless thank you’s.


This 12 midnight starts the first hour of 2011 and, though we will be celebrating new year away from each other, we are both excited to see how 2011 shutter will capture our lives out.

Starting off with this new venture, reviving Green&Purple Photography together, we hope to be channels of expressions on how amazing Life and L♥ve could be by capturing worth-remembering moments.

for the year that was and the year that will be. CHEERS!

ps. The photo above is taken and processed by me(Sandy) using Jeff’s old Canon 400D and Picassa photo editor, respectively. haha. You know Jeff could always do far way better than that and I’ve got a lot to improve, including learning how to work around with Adobe Photoshop. *seeing a humble smile from LVEEE Jeff* 

Sandy | Green&Purple


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