Jim & Janette { A Wedding In December }

Happy New Year Dear Friends! =P

We hope for your continued support as we begin another year with Green & Purple Photography 😀

Yayyyyyy!!! Our first wedding shoot. A perfect way to end { 2010 }.

I didn’t think twice & immediately said {YES} when Marty & Arvee asked me if I was free to shoot a Wedding with them last 18 December @ Sibonga. I didn’t personally know the couple & I wasn’t there when they shot the engagement just a week earlier but I was dead excited 😀 {hehehe}

So there, after going to church early dawn of 18 December, I hurried to McDonalds Escario to wait for the guys. The wedding church is located few towns away from the City {SIBONGA}. They said the wedding will start @ 9AM and they wanted to leave @ 8AM. I asked {Hey, wouldn’t we want to take pictures while everyone else is preparing? How about the rings, shoes, bridesmaids, etc..} I was able to convince them so we left the City @ around 5:30AM-ish and arrived @ Sibonga 7:00AM. We just grabbed {Sausage with Egg} Sandwiches from McDonalds and ate along the way.

As soon as we arrived, photos of my favorite photographers flooded my mind but I was really nervous and didn’t know where to start. As Jasmin Star would say “Just Take The Plunge”. I did & I didn’t regret a thing 🙂

Who would miss taking a picture of the {RINGS}? ❤

And the {SHOES}…


This is the time I had to {mimic} Josephine Sicad-Minerva’s make up shots.

I’d say the {LIGHT} in that house was { ma g i c a l } that morning of 18 December…

Uhhhhm, have I told you the light was {M A G I C A L}?

That window was just amazing 🙂 I would have to say Thank You to Marty for directing the Bride that morning. Idol,,, Thank You!

They say that one of the most important days for a woman is her {Wedding Day}.  Believe me! I started believing that when I saw such statement was written all over Janette’s face that morning.

ooohhhh.. such a sweet moment!

Jeff / Green&Purple


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