Jazhielle Alyannah { Little Angel }

It was but a real grace for me when Argielee asked me to be her daughter’s godparent. ohhh. How could I ever say no? When some people are worrying that they haven’t tried having a godchild. In return, I shamelessly asked Argielee if Jeff could take photos on that big day and, heavens must have heard me, She easily gave her yes. Yahoo!

The big day went on December 19, 2010 at Redemptorist Church, Cebu City.

Unlike other babies inside the Church, Baby Alyannah was very quiet while her Ma and Pa prepared her dress for the baptismal rite.

An evidence of Daddy’s little princess, would you agree?

You see. Baby Alyannah got her white skin complexion from her Ma.

While everyone’s waiting for the pre-Jordan seminar, the Ninongs and Ninangs took turn in posing with Baby Alyannah.

Now, see how Baby Alyannah cooperated during the Baptismal Rite.

Baby Alyannah has got a lot of visitors that day.

Baby Alyannah got her own baby-ish natural poses despite everything that has happened that time.

It was a very fulfilling experience for me and Jeff(most especially) to be a part of Baby Alyannah’s special day. With gratitude and happiness, we endlessly thank Argielee and Joylin for allowing us to be part of their little angel’s life.

And below is my favorite. Amazing how Jeff captured this while Baby Alyannah’s laughing her heart out. My goddaughter is such an adorably cute little angel.

We wish Baby Alyannah a Life full of —– L♥ve, Hope, Dreams, and Happiness.

To you and everyone out there, have a fantastic 2011 .

Sandy | Green&Purple


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